Three months out from the exam


Look at some practice questions

By now, hopefully you have been doing quite a bit of study on the content for your exam.  This is the time where it can be helpful to start doing some practice questions.  Practice questions can help you check on how you are progressing with study, identify any areas of weakness, as well as reminding you of the format of the exam.  The RACGP releases a practice exam to enrolled candidates several weeks before the exam.  In addition, companies such as HealthTrain have banks of AKT and KFP questions to help you practice.


Make sure you are looking after yourself

It can be easy to get caught up in a cycle of work-study-sleep-repeat.  Take a moment to think about your self-care.  Are you eating well, getting enough sleep, socialising and exercising?  It may not feel like you have time for these things now, but taking care of yourself will put you in a better physical and mental state when the exam comes and may be the thing that gets you over the line!


Don’t forget to enrol

It happens more often than you think!  Enrol early if you’re sure, or set yourself reminders before the closing date.