Six to twelve months out from the exam


Make a formal study plan (and stick to it!)

One of the biggest concerns registrars have with preparing for the RACGP exam is the volume of material.  It is crucial early on in your preparation to formulate a study plan that you can stick to, as this will make sure you are covering what you need to cover without spending too much time focussing on the one area.  Looking at the BEACH data, as well as talking about your strengths and weaknesses with your supervisor can help you with working out how much time to allocate to each area.


Find a study group

A study group can help you maintain your motivation to study, makes sure you’re on track and gives you colleagues to debrief to.  Not only can your study group help you with the volume of material you need to cover, but it can be valuable social time in a period of your life where you are focussing on work and study.  If you have many commitments outside of work or do not have other registrars sitting exams living nearby consider joining an online study group.


Look at the RACGP exam resources

The RACGP publishes a number of resources to assist candidates in preparing for exams.  The Exam Support Online modules are essential, as is reading the exam handbook.  Exam reports are published every exam cycle and discuss things that were done well and poorly by candidates.  These will give you valuable information on the set up of the exam, how to prepare for the exam and common areas that candidates make mistakes or do poorly.


Attend a workshop to prepare you for the exam

The RACGP examination is unique and unlike what you may have sat in medical school or in training for another specialty.  It is worthwhile attending a workshop or webinar that helps you understand each of the components of the examination as well as what each assesses and how.