ExamPrep AKT & KFP Bundle Package

The HealthTrain ExamPrep AKT & KFP Bundle Package consists of two initial 2.5 hour online workshops to help you get a better idea of how to prepare for and understand the exams.

We teach clinical reasoning, the essential underlying skill for all RACGP exams, and show how to apply this to a range of different AKT and KFP questions. By applying this approach to example questions, we show you how to recognise key features in each part of the exam questions. Applying clinical reasoning with what you need to learn will help you focus your study effectively.

Key components of the course include:

Duration 13.5 hours (8 hours ME contact time)
  • Application of knowledge in an Australian GP clinical setting
    and AKT and KFP Q&A focus, supported by BEACH data
  • Two 2.5-hour live modules including:
    • Building application of knowledge in an
      Australian GP clinical setting skills
    • AKT Q&A review
    • AKT exam technique
    • Build clinical reasoning and decision-making skills
    • KFP Q&A review
    • KFP exam technique
Mock Exam 1 x 120 min mock exam, including 75 AKT questions (50% of full exam) – delivered online in own time.
1 x 100 min mock exam, includes 13 KFP cases– delivered online in own time
Mock Exam Review One 2 hour comprehensive AKT mock exam small group review,
with detailed analysis of participant performance.One 2 hour comprehensive KFP mock exam small group review,
with detailed analysis of participant performance
One on one
1 hour of ME to Participant personalised
Online Q&A bank Access to the online smart exam engine and
question bank of AKT and KFP Q&As


All the feedback and practice you need to succeed

You will complete half-length mock exams online for both the AKT and KFP components with questions equivalent to the style, standard and spread of the fellowship exam.

There is extensive opportunity for individual and group feedback to discuss common errors and how to learn from them. We follow this up with further examples of the types of questions you could be given in an exam. One-on-one personalised feedback is then provided with an experienced medical educator to help you identify individual areas to further work on.

Further online exam practice is provided with access to a bank of AKT and KFP questions. We also give you the option to select tailored questions to create your own quizzes or further mock exams, or go through topics you feel you need to focus on.