ExamPrep Key Feature Problem (KFP)

The RACGP Key Feature Problem (KFP) exam can bring out anxiety in even the most competent registrar. Our step-by-step HealthTrain KFP course breaks down the exam for you in an online, exclusive and interactive masterclass with an experienced medical educator.

The ExamPrep KFP course will equip you with the vital clinical reasoning skills you need on your exam preparation journey.

Clinical reasoning helps doctors make vital decisions related to their patients. It’s these skills that the RACGP test for in the KFP exam. We help registrars develop an understanding of clinical reasoning using real clinical cases. Using these cases we then apply clinical reasoning and practical day-to-day clinical experience to KFP questions.

Key components of the course include:

Duration 6.5 hours (5 hours ME contact time)
  • Clinical reasoning and KFP Q&A focus
  • 2.5-hour live modules including:
    • Build clinical reasoning and decision-making skills
    • KFP Q&A review
    • KFP exam technique
Mock Exam 1 x 100 min mock exam, includes 13 KFP cases–
delivered online in own time
Mock Exam Review 2-hour comprehensive KFP mock exam small group review, with
detailed analysis of participant performance
One on one
½ hour of ME to Participant personalised
Online Q&A bank 3-month access to the online smart exam
engine and question bank of KFP cases

The masterclass concludes with a simulated half-length mock exam followed by a group feedback session to break down each question and answer in detail. Here we discuss common exam pitfalls such as over-coding, early closure and missing key features.

Opportunity is then given for individual feedback to reference your own answers. You will also have access to our online KFP question bank to continue developing your KFP skills at your own pace.